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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Selecting Artwork for Your Home

Artwork is an important finishing touch for any interior. You can really express your personal style through the artwork you select. Be sure that the style of your artwork matches the style of the design of your room. Some exploration into design styles can help to determine this. Contemporary, Traditional, Country, Modernist, and Exotic are just a few of the many styles that can be exhibited through artwork. A contemporary piece of art would have a more simple, streamlined frame, or maybe even no frame. A country style painting could be a scene of a barn or cottage, and would have a weathered, casual-looking frame. If you enjoy traditional styles, you may want a photorealistic portrait, still-life, or an impressionistic painting, using a traditional, wood or golden frame.

Be sure that the scale and proportion of the artwork is right for your room. A common mistake is to use artwork that is too small for the wall, and gets lost. The arwork should be very noticeable to people who enter the room. Be sure that the placement of the artwork works vertically with the wall. A general rule of thumb is to center the artwork between the top of the furniture and the ceiling. It should be big enough to make an impact.

Artwork does not have to be all framed prints and paintings. There are also many other types of artwork, including tapestries, ironwork, clocks, murals, family photographs, wall sculpture, or just about anything you would like to display! Be creative when selecting decorative accents.

Also, the colors of the artwork should work with the colors of the interior (but not necessarily match them). Artwork is intended to be an accent, and it can have vibrant colors and textures. To save money on artwork, try looking for great frames at auctions, thrift stores, and outlet stores. You can then purchase posters or prints online or from a local art or craft store, and combine them with the frame. If you are really creative, you can create your own artwork. Your local art store carries pre-assembled canvases, and you can make your own painting. Contemporary designs may be easier to create because they usually have simple shapes and colors. You can also take a small section of a picture or fabric you like, and re-create it on canvas.

No matter what method or style you choose, be sure to fill your walls with beautiful artwork that reflects your personal style!
Angela Sullivan is a professional Interior Designer, and creator of the E-Book, Designing on A Budget. She also manages a website dedicated to Interior Design Resources, Articles, Photos & Message Boards, Interior Design Resources from Sullivan Interiors


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