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Monday, April 9, 2007

Room Layout Tools for Interior Design

Room Layout Tools can be a great way to plan your room, and see your design before you begin making purchases. There are several ways to layout your room, without being an experienced architectural drafter or Autocad expert. Below are some great tools that can help you layout a room to scale, and visualize the end result and how the design will all fit together.

1. Home Quick Planner : This is a great layout tool that uses a grid backround, and "window cling" type furniture pieces that you can move around and arrange your room. Very easy for the beginnger/ do-it-yourself-er.

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2. 3D Home Architect: This is an easy to use interior design software program. You can create great looking, fully designed rooms, including finishes, furniture and accessories! This program makes it relatively easy to view your designs in amazing realistic 3-D images! The program is relatively easy to learn, and the results are amazing. If you like using computers, and want a great visual, this program will work for you!

3. Traditional Drafting / Drawing to Scale: These resources will teach you how to draw floor plans to scale, and create unlimited architectural drawings for your home or office. Learning traditional drawing methods will also help you to be able to read floor plans, and understand scale and proportion. These are a must if you are considering becoming an interior decorator or design student. The drawing board set includes T-square, triangles, drawing utinsels, scale and more. This is everything you need to begin drawing floor plans to scale. The Templates are great for drawing furniture and fixtures quickly, and to scale. It is much easier to trace a template than to draw each piece of furniture individually. The book, Construction Drawings and Details for Interiors, is a great starting place to learn about architectural drafting, including floor plans, elevations, section drawings and more. You will be a hand - drafting expert after reading this resource!

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