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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Interior Decorating Ideas - Kitchen and Bathroom Themes

Often people think of decorating themes as cheesy or dated, but you can really create a themed bathroom or kitchen without going over the top. Here are some great ways to create a themed room. The first thing you will need to do is determine what theme the room will have. It should be something that you are familiar with or are very interested in. Pick a subject matter that you know a lot about. You will be able to come up with more creative ideas and variations when you really know the subject at hand. Make sure that the theme you choose goes with the color scheme you are looking for. This will make for a unified design that works well with all the elements in the room. Also, choose a theme that is readily available in stores, unless you plan on preparing your own artwork and original creations. Here are some great suggestions for themes you can use for your bathroom or kitchen:

1. Food themes are great for kitchens. Some popular kitchen themes include apples, chili peppers, fruit, citrus fruit, italian food, spanish food, cafe and coffee drinks, pasta, vegetables (carrots, celery, tomatoes), wine and grapes, tropical fruit like bananas and coconuts, and water themes.

2. Themes relating to a particular era, such as 50's diner, retro 1960's kitchen, and sleek modernist themes.

3. Themes relating to a certain geographical location are great. Some ideas include the Caribbean, Hawaii, Southwestern themes, Italian Provence themes, and Asian Themes.

4. Some great bathroom themes can be inspired by particular objects that remind us of freshness, such as shells, or palm trees. Ocean themes, colorful fish, tropical birds, and sun and moon themes are all great. You can also choose things like flowers (or perhaps a particular type of flower like roses, daisies, hibiscus or even violets). Perhaps a child's bathroom could have a theme relating to something that the child enjoys. Horses, trucks, sports, or even a particular sports team are all great kids bathroom themes.

5. A theme can be based around a particular color pallette or feeling that you want to evoke. Perhaps the sunset inspires you, or the colors of the beach. Maybe you enjoy the colors found in the rainforest or in a summer flower garden. Inspiration can even come from a piece of furniture or a particular painting you love.

Finding a great theme for a kichen or bathroom (or for any room of the home for that matter) can be challenging, but there are many great products on the market as well as themes to choose from. Be sure to have fun creating whatever room you love!
Angela Sullivan is an interior designer, and features more decorating information, articles and resources at as well as the e-book designing on a budget at The e-book features bonus room planning materials with purchase. You can also find resources and decorating help at

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cheap Home Decorating Tips

Are you looking for a way to decorate your home without spending a fortune? If so you should read this article for three of the cheapest ways to decorate your home and make the biggest impact.

The biggest bang for the buck with home decorating is and probably always will be painting your walls. This can totally change a room for just dollars. If you are not picky about your color you can even get paint on sale from most home improvement stores. Just look for an area where they keep the custom paints that people do not pick up. Remember that if you are looking for the most dramatic effect do not be afraid to use bright and vivid colors.

Another cheap way to decorate is to buy slipcovers for your furniture. For about $100 you can add a couple of slip covers to your furniture and save thousands of dollars while creating a totally different look. If you shop around for good ones you will probably not even be able to tell that they are slipcovers. Add a couple of inexpensive coordinating throw pillows and your done.

The last cheap way to add a different look to your home is to add an area rug. It is much cheaper than changing the carpet and can have a big effect on the room, especially if you go with a bold color.

So you can see from this article that you do not have to be rich to have a rich looking room. There are ways to redecorate your home and not spend a fortune. Just be creative and spend more time than money on your decorating project.

Find information on Tacoma interior design services and interior decorating in Tacoma, Washington at the authors website.

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