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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Great Home Organization Solutions

Springtime comes around, and everyone is ready to start tackling those big spring projects. Cleaning out that cluttered closet, re-organizing the pantry or garage, and finding a new home for things that are out of place. Here are some helpful tricks and tips that can make spring cleaning a whole lot easier:

1. Give everything a place. This is very important in keeping a house neat and tidy. Use clear plastic bins and organizers to keep things separated by category and function. Label everything so you will know where to find it later. Always put things back in their home when finished using them.
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2. Recycle. You can use old shoe boxes, pretty jars and bottles, grocery bags (paper and plastic), and boxes to store your items. There's no need to spend lots of money on fancy new containers. Just cover them with a pretty gift wrap or contact paper, and you can even color-code them and customize them to match your decor. A grocery bag dispenser is a great way to re-use bags, and keep them neat and tidy. This great stainless steel bag dispenser matches with todays stainless appliances!

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3. Maximize your space. Those nooks and crannies that you never used can be great places for storage. You can store things everywhere, just be sure to keep it organized and neat. Also, re-evaluate your current storage situation, and determine if there are places that could be better utilized. You may want to sort through old boxes, or re-organize an area that you don't find yourself visiting often.

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When it comes to spring cleaning and organization, there are always lots of things to do! Just remember to have fun, and break down your large tasks into smaller projects so that you don't get overwhelmed. For more great storage and organization products, visit and check out this great Organization Kit

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